Dave Schools

Dave Schools is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. A native of New York, he graduated in 2012 from Grove City College with a bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship. 

After graduating, he started a position with the Kingsport Office of Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship (KOSBE) as the Marketing Coordinator, where he managed the design, communications, and marketing operations of the organization.

In 2013, he pitched the role of Director of Marketing to Mitch Cox Companies, a full-service commercial real estate development company located in Johnson City, Tennessee. They accepted. In this role, he oversaw the marketing, communications, design, and creative direction for the five entities of Mitch Cox Companies, including 15 hotels across the United States.

In 2016, Dave moved to Washington DC and began working as a digital strategist for Viget, a digital design and development agency. Viget builds digital products, campaigns, and platforms for clients such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Animal Planet, ESPN, NBC, PUMA, WWF, and WCS. Founded in 1999, Viget is a high-end firm of 64 designers, strategists, and developers, known for solving difficult challenges with beautiful code and design.

Dave loves to write. With over 25k followers on Medium, He enjoys writing journalistic pieces, tech startup stories, and interviewing interesting millionaires. His writing has been featured in publications such as The Next Web, Business Insider, and Quartz. See below for writing samples.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys physical exercise, traveling, and adventures with his best friend and spouse, Steph Schools. 



Below are a couple projects Dave is working on, or has worked on.

Business Brewers is a community for sharing business ideas over coffee and beer. The project involves a mobile app and the Brew Book writing journal. Full website coming soon. 

City Swipe is a mobile app that surfaces only the number one place in each city by experience. It is currently on hold while Brew is under development.

Efographic is a web app that reformats long images (i.e., infographics) into social media-sized boxes. It was Dave's first startup and is now closed with many, many lessons learned. 

Dave Schools, LLC is the digital content marketing and consulting company through which Dave freelances and does contract work that pays for his startup projects. 

Modern Prodigal is a novel Dave wrote in 2016. It's a fictional story of wealth, corruption, adventure, and forgiveness.

Dave co-founded Party Qs, a mobile app for conversation starters. Available on iOS and Android.


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